H.E Chief Olusegun Obasanjo

( Former President of The Federal Republic of Nigeria )

Women Overcoming Sickle Cell

The Women Overcoming Sickle Cell Summit (formerly Women Overcoming Sickle Cell Symposium) is a unique platform that shines a spotlight on women & sickle cell disease, highlighting key issues affecting women as never addressed before on any stage in Africa.

First introduced at the Congress in 2019, this one-day one-of-a-kind side-event focus on what it means to be a woman living with sickle cell and also acknowledge women luminaries with sickle cell and women-led sickle cell representative organizations who contribute tremendously to tackling sickle cell through high impact advocacy, outreach and community commitment on the African continent and beyond.

We invite all interested parties to submit proposals for inclusion in the Women’s program at the 2021 Virtual Congress.

The WOSC Summit will be a Live Stream with options for pre-recorded presentations for speakers who may be affected by timezone differences. The official timezone of the Summit is West African Time (WAT) (UTC +1).

Selection Process

We welcome submissions that are novel, related to emerging issues in the lives and health of women living with SCD, and focus on the impact of SCD on women’s health and well-being. The session topics are preliminary and do not reflect the precise content of the final program.

In order to be considered for a speaking opportunity at the Women Overcoming Sickle Cell Summit, you must apply using the online submission form. All applications will be reviewed and presentation opportunities will be assigned based on your application. Speaking slots are not assigned on a first-come first-served basis.

Recognizing that not all proposals can be included in the schedule, the selection committee’s priorities will be topics focused on:

  • Family and Relationships
  • Career and Workplace
  • Self-care and Management
  • Leadership and Empowerment

Session Proposals

Instructions for submitting a proposal for an entire session:

We also invite submissions of proposals for full sessions (60 minutes). These sessions will consist of two or three presentations (plus a moderator if necessary) that share a common theme, ideally related to any of the Summit’s theme above.

Intending organizers should submit a a one-page overview of the proposed full session directly to the WOSC Organizing Committe (See contact information at the bottom of this page).

This one-page overview should include:

  1. Full session title
  2. Name of the lead facilitator and the contact person for the full session
  3. Brief overview of the full session and how the individual presentations are integrated
  4. List the individual abstracts for the full session in presentation order, including the following information: abstract titles; presenters(s); time allocated for each presentation (including discussion).

Please note: proposal text is limited to 250 words.

WOSC Summit Program Committee

Eunice Owino

Maureen Nwachi


The proposals should be written in English only and processed through the online form linked below.

All submissions must be received by Friday, March 19, 2021.  Please complete the form linked below to submit your idea for consideration.


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