H.E Chief Olusegun Obasanjo

( Former President of The Federal Republic of Nigeria )

Dr. Pradeep Mahajan

Chairman and Managing Director, StemRx Bioscience Solutions

Dr. Pradeep Mahajan is an acclaimed professional emerging at the horizon of transformational healthcare for the masses by conceptualizing, inventing, creating and contributing by effective & innovative technologies in this noble profession. This has been pioneered through regenerative medicine and developing cellular therapy techniques for mass welfare where conventional methods have had their limitations.

He has completed course in stem cell therapy from Ohio State University, USA and is a visiting faculty for the Institute. He is often invited to share his views and his research experience in the field of stem cell therapy.

He is also associated as honorary professor for regenerative medicine with Cooper Hospital, MCGM and a committee member with the Stem Cell Society of India for drafting guidelines on cellular therapy in India.

Dr. Mahajan’s innovative adaptations have brought in multiple International and National claims and recognition for the Country and medical profession.

He has published 9 research papers for various conditions; prominent among them being for Avascular Necrosis. He has also reviewed journal articles for various reputed journal houses and has presented research work on various national and international platforms forums at locations like Mumbai, Delhi, Bangalore, Chandigarh, Guwahati, China, Dubai, Singapore.

Highly respected and acclaimed now for the vast transformation that the new concepts have brought in, which in future can be adapted at very affordable costs by all sections of the society and most importantly to the poorest of the poor for whom such life changing treatments remain a dream.

Dr. Pradeep Mahajan is passionate about bringing in transformational and disruptive theories and sharing his knowledge, research as well as the benefits of treatment / therapy that he provides to his patients. His aim is to spread the reach of cellular therapy to the remotest, desiring and under privileged sections of the society.

Working with the health departments of various state governments to provide this innovative therapy at a subsidised cost thereby reducing the financial burden of healthcare sector expenses on the health departments and saving millions of foreign exchange and country’s wealth.

Contributing to the society at large by creating awareness though detailed presentations and discussions on various medical issues, associated diseases and other prevalent conditions which affect the common man and how he / she can benefit from the use of cellular therapy.

Dr. Mahajan also runs a trust that helps poor and needy patients to get their treatment done at subsidised costs. He is working closely with the state government under these schemes to provide cellular therapy and treatment and highly subsidised and affordable costs.

He has ties with MUHS (Nasik), ITM Raipur for fellow-ship, diploma and degree courses at StemRx facility and associated with SanoStem and StemMedica.

Mesenchymal Cell-based Therapy: An alternati ve to joint replacement in sickle cell anaemia patients with vascular necrosis
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