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ACSCD 2020 information will be available in 1st quarter of 2020.

The 2019 African Congress on Sickle Cell Disease will focus on providing education and training opportunities throughout the program including interactive meetings, symposiums, workshops and sessions.

Be part of the program and make a submission before 15 August 2019.

Overcoming Sickle Cell Disease – Power of the collective voice

The theme of the African Congress on Sickle Cell Disease is “Overcoming Sickle Cell Disease – Power of the collective voice”. It is pillared by two key words, “Overcome” and “Collective”, essentially holding up the main objective of the conference, which is to collectively explore high-impact and actionable methods to overcome sickle cell disease in Africa. It highlights the need to further support the momentum in translating the benefits of knowledge gained through research and practice to those living with and affected by sickle cell.

The congress will be both political and technical, with debates, speeches and interactive sessions featuring government officials, private sector and sickle cell experts engaged in exploring innovative ways to address the challenges and further sickle cell control. The tentative order of events can be downloaded below.

Success will be achieved from our ability to work together, network, share best practices and challenge each other to identify innovative ways to addressing the challenges of sickle cell disease. It is time to seize the opportunities presented before us, to connectcollaborate and drive impact towards overcoming sickle cell disease.

Together we can save millions of lives by focusing on what needs to be done and taking the lead in:

  • Putting sickle cell disease on the African and global health agenda
  • Convening the sickle cell community
  • Running cross-border and global programmes

This, essentially, is the Power of the Collective Voice.

On top of the program, the Exhibition Floor will represent an ideal platform for fellow participants to network and connect. The exhibition floor will host a series of Rapid Fire sessions and short expert lectures such  as the Meet the Expert sessions hosted  at the African Cafe within the Exhibition Hub. Also featured on the exhibition floor will be a Patient Advocacy Lounge and  Country Pavilions.

Don’t miss the opportunity to attend the 1st edition of the African Congress on Sickle Cell Disease and participate in a dynamic and vibrant meeting held over 3 days.

See the 5 tracks that will shape the congress program and sessions below;

ACSCD 2019 Session Tracks:

Sickle Cell Prevention – Advancing Newborn Screening & Early Detection

The sessions within Track 1 will cover the full spectrum of sickle cell prevention, early detection and newborn screening, including health promotion, examples of best practice in new evidence based prevention and early detection strategies, contemporary trends in epidemiology, as well as new areas of development in advocacy, policy, programs, communications, media and messaging, and education.

Sickle Cell Diagnosis, Complications and Treatment – Addressing barriers & Inequality in Sickle Cell Care

The sessions in Track 2 will address the need for comprehensive care for those affected by sickle cell disease, including access to diagnosis and treatment, pain management and quality, measures to decrease iron overload. The sessions will also highlight the scientific and clinical advances in the diagnosis and treatment of sickle cell disease, and the research to overcome inequalities in cancer care.

Maximizing Quality of Life – Empowering Patients & Caregivers

This track focuses on successful interventions in improving the experience of care delivery and support outcomes such as pain and symptom management, quality of life and psychological well-being. The sessions are aimed at patient, health professional or systems levels.

Advocacy, Policies and Enabling Sustainable Outcomes of Healthcare Systems

This track adds value by channeling intellectual effort, collaborations, access to shared resources to stimulate the dialogue about strengthening national, regional and local health systems and guiding quality improvement in all aspects of care systems strengthening. Surveillance systems, including sickle cell registries, population risk factor monitoring, and care system performance reporting will be a key focus, with an emphasis on how they can be used to optimize sickle cell control.

Cross-sector Partnering and Building Capacities – Raising funds & Attracting Resources

Capacity building will be strongly reflected throughout this track. Individuals and organizations will have the opportunity to strengthen their skills, competencies and abilities thanks to dedicated sessions, allowing them to achieve measurable and sustainable results in their own environment. The objective is to increase the global sickle cell community’s effectiveness and performance to enable them to successfully respond to fast changing economic conditions, new stakeholders behaviors, political and regulatory challenges and technological trends.

The sessions will propose various tools and solutions for individuals and NGOs, ranging from business strategy and planning, fundraising strategies, governance, cross-sectorial collaboration, advocacy tools and much more.

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