H.E Chief Olusegun Obasanjo

( Former President of The Federal Republic of Nigeria )

Main Congress Theme

“Working To Overcome Sickle Cell Disease – What Next?”
Following up on 2019´s focus on “Overcoming Sickle Cell Disease – Power of the Collective Voice”, Africa has seen steady increase in cross-border collaborations and projects across the region and beyond. The theme of the 2nd African Congress on Sickle Cell Disease will review the current state of SCD and explore future perspectives with challenges and priorities to overcoming sickle cell disease at the national, regional and global level. The congress will be both scientific and technical, with focus dialogues, speeches and interactive sessions featuring government officials, private sector and sickle cell experts, advocates, patient and caregivers engaged in exploring innovative ways to address the challenges and further sickle cell control.

The year 2020 marked the cycle end of The WHO African Region Sickle Cell Strategy 2010 -2020 which was adopted by the Sixtieth session of the WHO Regional Committee for Africa (RC60). In August 2020, the Seventieth session of the Regional Committee held a virtual session to examine the implementation of the sickle cell strategy in Africa, acknowledging progresses made, identifying issues and challenges and proffering recommendations for necessary next steps.

Against this background, the call for ACSCD 2021 “Working To Overcome Sickle Cell Disease – What Next?” invites presenters to put these developments into perspective. We specifically invite submissions that address structural, emerging and topical issues and causes for current challenges together with the innovative ideas, initiatives and recommendations for effective sickle cell prevention and control.

The ACSCD 2021 program will be made up of diverse presentations, organized to stimulate dialogue around the Congress Theme, the Program Tracks and the WHO African Region Sickle Cell Strategy report.

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African Congress on Sickle Cell Disease